THE SHMN (Colours / Hamburg)

Authenticity (for me) is the most important
aspect of everything. Not only because it is
desirable in general but because I’ve never
had it up until recently and even then it was
just a short insight into “what could be” or
into “what is possible”. This really is the
privilege of a lifetime. However Life
sometimes has an odd way of conveying
this massage to one. Often it is pain, The
most hurtful and devastating moments in life
are sometimes the most transformative. It is
the catastrophe which makes everything
crumble and often almost destroy us. But it
is sometimes also those exact events which
can for a brief moment stop time itself und
shock us to our very core. So much so that
the shockwave leaves us only with an all
encompassing but (sometimes) much
needed silence. What is left standing after
everything is burned off by fire is what I
would would call “authenticity”. When
everything falls apart or in a sense “let go
off“ that what ́s left standing is the “truth”
(which in itself is another topic), it is
“authentic”, “irreducible”, “irrefutable”. If we
are willing to let go it can be the beginning
of something new. In a sense that is what I
try to emulate. For me Music
creates a room “to let go” a
call to be “authentic”, “to
feel and be felt” and in that
regard the question what I
should put into my Press-Kit
becomes insurmountable.

The Question of “what to
show the world of oneself” is not an easy
one. It leads into a a sort of review of the life
lived till up to this point and furthers into a
mediation or contemplation of the “whole”.
In regard of the innumerable aspects of life –
the milestones and wins ,the failures and
defeats (or expressed in unbiased language
“experiences”) – One can only undertake a
lackluster attempt to unravel all strings and
spin them soundly onto a spindel which
then again can be woven into a clean fabric
to put on display for the world to see. As if
that is not enough one has to think deeply
about the “Self” and about individual
strengths and weaknesses even though the
later of which one usually don’t plan on
revealing. An honest assessment to write a
Press-Kit has to encompass all traits, all
aspects, just everything and all and is
therefore condemned to fail “if” the aim is to
achieve an authentic assessment of Ones
„relationship” to particular craft or art. And it is the aspect of “relationship” in which I am
interested in… Some would hold a Press-Kit
to be of paramount significance to display
the world ones “Persona”, ones brand. It
most certainly is for most people, in
particular those in possession of great skills
and or with a long tradition to a certain craft
which they like to market. A press kit can
therefore be great to many however it falls
short for others
I have no history of Music or Djing. I don’t
consider myself to be an artist or have
above average skill in Djing. I wouldn’t even
consider myself a DJ. I am on a quest. I’ve
came to it by mere chance. A moment of
great pain which redefined me and my
relationship to everything. I was set free
from being entombed by all the dead wood
in my life. All the trauma and all the pain
from which I (like many other) made my
home from. I was blinded by my ignorance
and I was willing to keep it that way. It was
pain and music leading up to my
bloodletting and when I finally collapsed
from blood loss what I found was a tiny but
glowing “splinter” of what has now become
my quest; to be more “authentic”.
We humans desire authenticity. We are
drawn to it. It magnifies and intensifies the
more become part of “it”. The more “tune”
into in the more energy and vibration is
there. So finding “it” is the quest of many “it
is a Ritual”. So in order to find “it” we need
to be able to create “it” and only with the
help of others this may be achieved since all
together can function like the needle in a
compass pointing the direction. If there is a
chance to uncover some of “it“ we have to
take it and till I have at least some vague
idea I ll be working in the dark…

Ethnic – House
Organic – House
Deep – House
Melodic – House
Tech – House