LUIGI LUCIFERO (Mystic Carousell Records / Madrid)

At the beginning of the eighties this time he was the electronic sound so done of Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, Nitzer Ebb, Yello, Ann Clark, Jean Michel Jarre and Art of Noise, that he wanted to develop himself further into more near future in this direction. 1986/1988 began the period of Chicago-house. it was to be recognized that he himself develope this music scene also. Artists like Steve Silk‘ Hurley, Humanoid, Tyree Cooper (Chicago Traxx Records), Beatmaster, Todd Terry, Speedy J. and Kenny Larkin were his preferences. Parallel to mix he also was interested in the development of sounds and grooves. After a phase at devices and synthies, made he himself with his cousin from Italy to a project to create, which should become a 30 minute production. The two guys were inspired themselves by „The Orb“ (Ufo Orb-Blue Room) from England. Set to various beachparties in Italy thus the start had been. Beginning of the nineties he began to wake the enthusiasm of the organizer of opera house (The Opera House was once the most wanted Techno-House-Club in Germany) and played in such a way from the time on each thursday as resident. His music style differed from the others residents like: Jens Mahlstedt, Wolfgang Koch und Sven Dohse that it meant a addition of the music program for Opera House. With his artist name „Baphomet“ 1995 he changed then into the Tunnel which was one of the famous Clubs in Germany. With artist like Steve Mason, Blake Baxter, Tom Wax, Claude Young, Timo Maas, Marco Bailey, Pierre Morgan, Gary D, Dj Dean, and many other well known artists he celebrated a lots of events.

It lasted not for a long time, until he also in the tunnel was established. Since ever more was interested public in his sound, him thus own floor made available red-light itself called. Every saturday he played sets from 10 to 12 hours for his public. with an unusual satisfied he arises again and always again his target group. He arranges his appearances with a special kind of sound. Emotional influences give a special note to his set. Known as „Baphostyle“ the Red Light Club was known on the borders of Hamburg and quickly reached the decision, to produce a CD compilation series under the title „Red Light“, which in retrospect as unexpectedly successfully to overseas clubs. Red-Light 2, 3 and 4 followed. With this work, Baphomet in the Hamburg scene accents, which to this day among connoisseurs after effects show. After this the organizer and publisher of the magazine scene, „Disco 2000“ Claus Bachor invited him in the Psycho Thrill to Cologne, to an evening with Roland Casper (Warehouse/Cologne) to deny. Shortly thereafter, he was named „DJ of the month“ appointed. He received appearances at Evosonic Radio and in clubs such as: Yellow/Supermarket-Zurich, Dorian Gray-Frankfurt, Druckkammer-Passau, 3 AKT-Brugg and many others.

Pascal Hugentobler booked him for one of its major events called „Goliath“ in Switzerland. With a magnitude of 35,000 square meters and a public figure of 24,000, this party is one of the largest in Switzerland. There, he dealt with Dave Clark, Dr. Motte, Christian Vogel and the Acid Junkies in a same floor. Temporary Bapho produced for the label ‚“Evolver“ by Martin Larsen’s Container Records Hamburg and remixes for Hooligan’s „Klub Killer“, and Gianni Parrotta’s „Spermafleck“ on Thunder Ground Records. For Highball-Music GmbH, he even finally produced the track „Voodoo Party“ which is find on various samplers all over the world. In 1999 he created in Switzerland together with Andy Gobeli „Endzeit-Production“ (the apocalyptic Production Association) and developed the „Supernova Tour“ and the club series „Sound of vision“.With names like G-Force (Stanny Franssen), Gianni Parrotta, Andreas Krämer, Andy Dee etc., He also realized this vision. In 2003, he started the production company „Cybersymphonic“ under his guidance, musicproductions and events to be realized until today.

July 2005 was followed by his event at Waagenbau (Piepshow Release Party), in collaboration with the Highball-Music GmbH and with the support of the famous KitKat Club Berlin, which he successfully completed. Baphomet, was launched in 2007 on the dance event Electrosmog 6 in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn. The artist convinced at this evening for the first time the audience with the richness of his live performance. The response of his fans took him up today, led the productions and the live performance by Noiseevoluter expand. On 01. August 2008 the track „Der Traumfänger“ („The dreamcatcher“) was presented for the premiere at Waagenbau, which got a very good critique from the audience. This resulted that in the shortest time the publication of the long play album „Liebe & Stolz“ („Love & Pride“) as a CD and the extended release „Der Traumfänger“ („The dreamcatcher“) on vinyl 12″ inch. The style of Noiseevoluter is inspirational/emotional and moving from ambient, electro to Deep- and minimal techno. With well-known DJ’s such from Hamburg as: Tom Trevor, Laya Lopass, top act (Basteroid) from Frankfurt and „Der Mo“ as Maarec, he staged its own event series „Electrosmog 1-6. One More Club series „digitales rauschen“ („digital noise“) completed the program. Once a month everybody was reached in the enjoyment of a special club atmosphere. Artist Miro Pajic (Rompecabeza/Berlin), among others played for these events. The latest project from Cybersymphonic was the event „Minimalistikgroove“ (Waagenbau/Hamburg) the 01. August 2008. Guest Act Stewart Walker (Cocoon, Persona Records/Berlin) and Shahira (Minimaldesigner/Zurich) were supported by Baphomet and his crew. Baphomet and the crew of Cybersymphonic are currently going to organize the promotion- and europetour for the next release of the the compiation „Liebe & Stolz“ („Love & Pride“).

Noiseevoluter can look back on few productions that he released on his label Cybersymphonic. Starting with the „Romanza disperata“ following from „The Dream Catcher“, which was mentioned at the beginning of the biography, and many other publications. His productions are always emotionally conditioned and are therefore in a different style every time. Noiseevoluter moves in the field of electronic music as he feels. His production Nagasaki EP has contributed, not least because of its perfectly composed and interesting but also versatile tracks to the fact that with this release in Japan was aroused a lot of interest. With its 7 tracks on the EP, he meets absolutely the issue and makes clear to the audience how the situation in Nagasaki was. His last number „New World Order“ should be a product, which he worked with several different artists. Also in the near future Noiseevoluter will start to realize new and interesting projects with artists all over the world as well as newcomer.

From the 20th of january 2011 Baphomet began to moderate every thursday his own radio show „digital noise“ from 20-22 clock. Additionally Baphomet started his old „Red-Light“ as a radio show! This new radio show is only for Red-Light members and for those who want to become one of them. He created an own website for more informations of the radio show and the underground member parties. In progress after etablishing his radio shows was „The Collection“ under his pseudonym Baphomet with 7 techno tracks (Dive Into water, Highway To Hell, Down To Earth, Desert Storm, Jungle fever, Frozen World, Pharynx) and remixes from artists like: Kai Randy Michel, Nick Wurzer, Raytec, Andreas Krämer, Peter Niereich, Lee Hurren, Fabio Jass . This Album was released on the label Insomniafm Digital. Now he is working on a project for Franzis Dias in Spain with different production. Every month he is publishing his latest work form him. For november, december and january he plans to finish certain e.p.’s for the spanish lable Mystic Carousel Records with his new artist name „Luigi Lucifero“. „Crystal Meth“, „Dejavu“ and „Contamination“ are coming next. His last publication is an album called „Love Is…“ with 13 tracks. For other projects for remix and producing works he is looking for different interessted techno labels and artists all over the world.

In the field of techno clubbing, he is preparing for the future his new visions of the club series „Positron“, which will take place in Germany, England, Denmark and Greece. This club series will be organized publicly and also as a member club. With different electronical styles he tries to unit artists to come for working at the “Positron” club.

He remixed his latest track for french Benjamin Shielden. He works as an artist for film music in Hollywood. Among other things for the film colt 45.